Friday, March 2, 2012


Living in this world is just too intimidating. Each & everyone of us has our own little secrets. I am keeping something from him/her. He/She is keeping something from him/her. We do keep something from someone. & it goes on...

"Why?" We would ask. Well, perhaps we know that even though that "secret" doesn't mean any harm, it might hurt that "someone". Perhaps we are that "someone". We could reason by saying that "if you knew that it might hurt me, why do you have to that thing in the first place?" But at the back of it, this is what we are doing, to someone else. Perhaps not realising at all.

In life, we might chance upon someone whom we thought we have known for years, yes, we should know him/her inside out. Or is it a No? It just dawned on me that there is always something new that we will learn. Is it because he/she is keeping something from us about him/herself? Is it because all of us are ever changing? Or could it be because that person is an outright hypocrite? Perhaps.

Whichever way, it might be improper to be keeping something back someone's back.

But at least, it is not a legitimate lie.